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Copy of Post #3


Depressed, low self-confidence, self-doubt:

Dark clouds turn into troubled messy lines, raindrops turn into unconfident and negative words keep appearing and disappearing.


Lonely, without a sense of belonging, adrift:

Two windows with lights on and people inside looking happy

The light in the middle window is on, and a lonely man appears


Feeling powerless, small:

A tiny man surrounded by high mountains.

Small people walk around tall people. Compared with the people around them, she feels inferior, insignificant, and have no sense of existence.


People lose themselves in fragmented information:

Man loses himself in the whirlpool or the wind

Wind or vortex into specific graphics of information, such as tv, app, short video, etc.



2.21 - 3.07

Finish all illustrations (6 illustration + 6 AR versions illustration), Finish one motion and AR testing.

3.07 - 3.21

Finish 4 motion graphics

3.21 - 4.04

Finish 6 motion graphics and AR and print

4.04 - 4.18

Finish PPT final presentation

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